Robotic Cars and a Return to Humanity, and a Giant Musk Tesla Battery Factory

I’m  encourged to see progress in the development of electric cars.  I found the description of Tesla’s Gigafactory interesting.

I also find encouragement in the notion that vehicles will soon be automated.  It is something we take for granted in our car-based economy, but in its pervasiveness and longevity the car culture has damaged our society.

In the land of the “rugged individualist”, most car-owners who still have jobs begin their day in an exercise in conformity.  It is a daily test of compliance that includes precision management of prescribed speeds, adherence to traffic signs and signal instructions, and staying between the lines at all times.

We social animals, in our steel-and-glass bubbles, focused on literally surviving the commute to the job, subconsciously (when thinking of other things) regard the other social animals in their other bubbles as credible threats and obstacles.  Natural stress responses to other beings, who truly threaten our lives each day, require conscious management, and/or those responses degrade our health over time.

Most of us out there in traffic would truly prefer to be doing something entirely different.

Is it any wonder then, after most of a century using these things to make our civilization work, that nihilism, aggression and countless other sick manifestations plague our society and are exported all over the globe?

The robot cars can’t come soon enough.

— Mark Frankenberg